Floatation Device for SORCA

(reclaimed driftwood, reclaimed steel findings, paint, lacquer)

Custom piece, designed and made for SORCA.

Time Capsule Creations:
Eurovision Swan Contest
body piece

(Iceland plastic bags, textile, thread, glue, tape)

Grunge vs Acid Housebody piece

(recycled t-shirts, thread, Silk Clay®, base metals, sterling silver, Dunlop Tortex guitar plectrums 0.60mm, paint)

Ode to Nu Metalhead piece

(recycled Nu Metal band t-shirts, Nu Metal band patches, stretch netting, thread)

Quiet time doesn’t feature much in my world and music is a HUGE part of what keeps me going everyday.
I wanted to reflect this in a series of wearable sculptures that would identify with key music-related moments in my lifetime. These wearables were made to stimulate conversations around the question of what jewellery can be by using a combination of techniques borrowed from costume making, jewellery making & sculpting. The aim is to present them to a wide range of audiences and continue these conversations in as many forms that they will take.
I’m very aware that this type of art can be difficult to connect with for most audiences, as it’s mostly all in the head of the artist and can seem a bit pretentious; so alongside these more abstract wearable objects, I created a more accessible collection of Limited Edition jewellery pieces. These are still connected to the original three pieces but allow those who feel ‘left out’ to join in on the same or similar conversations if they want to. Alternatively, they can just be appreciated for the pieces of jewellery that they are.

Parasitical Monsters

(Silkclay, paint)

Some things affect us so deeply that we’re unable to communicate our emotions through the more obvious channels of speech, text or even body language…but it doesn’t mean that we have nothing to say.
Sometimes these emotions stop us dead in our tracks, paralysing us with fear. Sometimes they find a way to manifest themselves but they’re not always pretty to look at. That’s what these Parasitical Monsters are; manifestations of those invisible emotions that eat away at us whilst trying to blend into their surroundings. Could you spot them without their teeth?