Empowered Spam brooch

(embroidery thread, recycled textiles, steel)

Part of the Alliages Gallery’s Legacy permanent Collection

Less is More: Soo Many People in the Neighbourhood

(scrap fabric, embroidery thread, repurposed scrap metal chain links, glass & plastic beads; all materials come from Spam’s cave of hoarded wonders, nothing is new)

With many of us doing our bit annually to stock the planet with fresh babies, are we aware of what a contributing factor over-population is to our Earth? Is the solution to stop spawning and start knitting? Or are there other things we can do to lessen the burden?
Although I use a lot if re-purposed materials to create my wearable sculptures, I have decided to use only second-hand objects, including findings, and any materials I have been hoarding over the years instead of buying new. Thus hopefully being less of a consumer of “stuff” that clogs up our planet.

images taken by Andi Strum