How can I introduce you to Spam Glam?…

I’d have to start off by saying that she’s an entertaining character who loves nothing more than engaging with her audience through the wearable sculptures and interactive experiences that she creates. Passionate about the niche field of contemporary jewellery, she will challenge your preconceptions of jewellery. Her philosophy is not to take herself too seriously and invites you, the viewer, to engage on a level that you’re comfortable with.

Using a combination of sculptural, jewellery and costume making processes, she alludes to pop-culture references and creates wearable objects designed to get people talking. Are any of them really jewellery though? And if not, where is the line drawn between what is and what’s not? Why not come and see for yourself and witness her circus of jewellery.

PS. This website is still under construction, so keep checking back to see it magically grow right under your eyes!